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Graduation Party

Posted by Lucille on August 12, 2015 at 5:05 PM

It occurred to me, in the last leg of writing my thesis when I really, REALLY needed a distraction, that it was about time I throw a party. I don't think we'd thrown a party as a family for at least five years. And suddenly I REALLY wanted to. I wanted a way to mark this life transition besides making my parents sit through hours of speeches in a stadium full of strangers just to see my 60 seconds on stage. I wanted to celebrate with the people that mattered.

So I got the okay from my parents and started inviting people. I figured most people probably wouldn't be able to come, so I invited a lot. And then most people came. It was packed. Loved ones drove in from three different states to celebrate with us. Travis's people got to meet my people. My school friends got to meet my family friends. We had an impromptu dance party with our neighbors. Pascal made little foam graduation caps and put them on all the plastic pink flamingoes in the yard. I moved around trying to make sure I talked with everyone. At the end of the party, Dad surprised Travis, Pascal, and I with Hogwarts robes. My cheeks hurt from smiling. It was absolutely magical.

In all the logistics of graduating, throwing a party, and leaving for California with Travis's family all in a few short days, it took a while for things to settle down enough for me to really reflect on the party. When I did, I started crying the best tears. Having our people all in one place at this turning point in our lives was so special.

In the chaos of cleanup and packing, all the cards people gave us got scrambled around, so I wasn't able to write thank you notes. I'm filing that lesson away for next time. But if you were there and are reading this, I am sincerely grateful. And if you weren't there and are reading this, thank you for celebrating with us here if not in person.

Thank you for being our people.

See, now I'm crying again. I should buy stock in tissues.

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