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Vignette: My Name

Posted by Lucille on November 3, 2016 at 12:10 PM

My maternal grandmother, who died before I was born, was named Lucille. But both of my parents insist that I was really named after B.B. King's guitar. And B.B. King named his guitar after a bar fight that started over a hot waitress named Lucille that ended up burning the bar to the ground. So technically I'm named after a hot waitress. I can work with that.

Also at my little brother's birth, they were talking about potential baby names and Dad made a joke about how Lucille and Lucifer sounded nice together (they didn’t actually name my brother Lucifer, don’t worry). The nurse started praying fervently and backing out of the room and suddenly a new nurse came in and took over their care for the rest of the birth.

So now I have a comeback when my brother gets into me for absorbing my twin. At least Lucille means bringer of light, not bringer of darkness.

Ooh, he just pointed out that that was probably the name of my reabsorbed twin, which explains my dark alter ego.

I am my own evil twin.

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