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Posted by Lucille on June 2, 2011 at 1:20 PM

A member of our group was sick last night. Really sick. Another team member stayed with her through the day and when we got back she was doing worse. We sent for someone from the hospital, who brought a malaria test, and waited, worried sick, while they interviewed her about everything she'd eaten. They kept suggesting that she'd had too many mangoes. It's mango season here, so we've been getting a lot of kids in the hospital who just ate too much fruit, but there's no way mangoes could make you that sick. The malaria test was negative, and she took one of those prescription antibiotics we all brought with us and felt much better the next morning. But while we wee waiting, we came up with an idea. Since we're all expecting to get hit with a GI bug while we're here, every time someone gets sick we vote them out like that show, Survivor, and the last person to get sick gets a prize. The exact prize is still being discussed but it seems like a week free of your least favorite chore is on the table. I'm so going to win this.

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