Brave Woman

Adventures of a future nurse-midwife

About Me

Welcome to Brave Woman! My name is Lucille and I am a sexual assault support advocate, certified doula, student nurse, and future midwife. I'm passionate about sexual health and reproductive justice, and the ways these issues intersect with just about every major challenge facing our world today. When I'm not studying, you'll find me cuddling my family and cats, curling up with some sci-fi, or talking endlessly about birth at the dinner table.

About the Blog

The summer after high school, I volunteered in a health clinic in The Gambia, West Africa. One of our hosts came around to give us our Gambian names. I was the youngest volunteer in our group, and as many Gambian names refer to family roles, I asked if there was a name for youngest daughter. "There is," he said, "But you are Jainaba. It means brave woman."

This blog started as a way for me to keep in touch with family while I was abroad. At the end of the summer, as I came back to the states and started a rather eventful first semester of college, I found that I had no choice but to continue blogging unless I wanted the stack of journals on my desk to grow until they toppled over and buried me in my sleep. In short, I was running out of paper. This blog has served as a place for me to reflect on my experiences as a burgeoning adult, advocate, doula, and future healthcare provider. I am excited to share more stories as I continue forward through nursing and on to midwifery school.

Brave Woman is a tribute to the wide-eyed and dust-covered girl that started this journey, to the midwife I am becoming, and to the brave women and families I am privileged to support. 


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HIPAA Disclaimer

Sometimes I have the privilege of being a part of intimate, powerful moments in other people’s lives. I cannot and would not share these stories, because they are not mine to tell. However, they touch my life and become part of my own story. When I share these moments here, you can trust that I have not broken anyone’s confidentiality. The characters are invented. They are not real, but could be. I take creative license to communicate the essence of my experience while respecting the privacy of others.